Security Cameras Pros and Cons

Security Cameras Pros and Cons

Technological advancement is much like the proverbial double-edged sword, it comes with pros and cons. If you are the glass-half-full type of person, you will focus on the positives and reap as much of the benefits it provides as possible. However, you cannot help but feel the disadvantages, you will fail to see the advantages. With technology, it is a balancing act.

Security cameras, in the past, used to be something commercial only. But a rise in their popularity has emerged in recent times and they used in homes, too, now along with being used in offices. Much like most technology out there, security cameras have their pros and cons, too, however, the pros outnumber the cons.

We will walk you through security camera pros and cons in this blog.


Pro 1: Deterring Crime

The most obvious use security cameras provide is crime deterrence. As soon as you put them in place, you will observe a change in people's behavior be it at home or work. The Hawthorne effect takes place and people become more reserved. But with actual crime, you will be able to tell the culprits from suspects and have authorities take immediate action.

Pro 2: Activities and Monitoring Them

Security cameras not only keep crime at bay, but they also help keep track of small activities that you perform. If you, say, came downstairs into your living room, knew you had the keys till then, but forgot where you put them, you can track your activity and figure out where you kept them last.

Pro 3: Video Evidence

In courts, video evidence proves to have more worth than any other. This is why video cameras act as an excellent insurance policy in several scenarios – so make sure you own a bunch of them, too.

Pro 4: Just Decisions

Security cameras, in case of domestic and professional disputes, always help juries make the right decisions which is not always the case when we look at other evidence which can easily be tampered with or made.


Con 1: Privacy, of course

Privacy is the biggest disadvantage of security cameras. Some employees have also been known to object to working being monitored via a security camera as it "invades their privacy." Sometimes, employers install hidden security cameras deeming there is no need for consent. Would you ever know there is a security camera keeping watch over you if it were hidden?

Con 2: Monitoring Yes, But No Stopping of Threats

You can see theft in action, but there is no stopping it unless someone is physically there to prevent it. Intruders and burglars sometimes cover all the security cameras with cloth pieces or spray paint so that any later footage becomes useless. This is why it is better to also install security alarms.

Security cameras have pros and cons. While the pros outweigh the cons, the cons can be controlled, too. If these cameras are used with hired security personnel and alarms, then security cameras can make for valuable additions to your home and workplace.