Sonos Vs Crown - Which AMP Is Better?

Sonos Vs Crown – Which AMP Is Better?

Adding an amplifier can generate better performance, cleaner sound, and more power, thereby improving the experience of listening to music in your car. A high-quality amplifier can become the power source to really drive your speakers without straining them. Here, we will discuss two of the best amplifiers offered by Malibu Source.

Sonos Amp

Sonos amplifiers are designed to improve the quality of sound and increase audio signal levels. If you get poor sound quality from your speakers due to weak components and output signals, you can upgrade them with Sonos to improve the sound quality.

Upgraded Wire Systems

The installation and setup of the Sonos amp is very simple and easy. You can install it within minutes with the Sonos app. All you have to do is plug it in, switch it on, and use the app to follow step-by-step guidelines. You can adjust EQ settings, play in synch, create stereo pairs, and much more.

Optimum Control

Sonos offers drivers for today's leading brands, such as Lutron, Logitech, Control4, Elan, and more. You can verify the compatibility by checking the Works with Sonos badge.

Designed to Stay Cool

The model comes with a special heat sink that has been designed to increase airflow and manage heat to prevent it from overheating.

Crown Amp

Crown amp provide great sound and are an excellent choice for home use. Crown uses planted drive core technology for extreme efficiency and low running costs without compromising on the quality of the sound.

Heat Management

Like Sonos, Crown amps also have the ability to stay cool and not heat up. Plus, there is no fan noise in the background, which is what makes it so great.


Compared to Sonos, Crown is a bit expensive but is very versatile. It is programmed to work with many devices, including TV, speakers, etc.

Easy Setup

Crown also comes with an instruction manual that is super user-friendly and easy to follow. You can have the device set up in no time!

High-Quality Sound

Whether you are using it to connect to wireless speakers or your television, Crown guarantees great sound quality without any distortion. A Crown device surrounds for an immersive home theatre experience.


Both Crown and Sonos have great quality and sound. They are easy to install and maintain. The main difference is in the cost of each amp. So, if you are going for a budget-friendly option, Sonos should be your pick. On the other hand, if you are looking for premium features and advanced quality, you can consider Crown.