Speakers Versus Soundbars - Which Audio System Is Right For You?

Speakers Versus Soundbars - Which Audio System Is Right For You?

Home theatre improvement often hinges on the fact that you have the right sound system. Now that soundbars are trending, people find themselves asking which audio system is right for them, speakers or soundbars. In a nutshell, it depends on what kind of features you want and if you are a minimalist or prefer a specific design. While it is true that soundbars bring about a more modern look to your living space, speakers are classic and some people like that.

In Speakers Versus Soundbars; Which Audio System Is Right For You?, we will list the differences between both in terms of functionality so that you can decide better.


Soundbars are comparatively a lot easier to install even than those newer speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. The only thing you need to do is to plug your soundbar into your TV or any other system. But the thing with speakers is, they are old and hence will require you to plug each wire into its spot on the AV receiver unit. One speaker is fine, but multiple speakers require multiple connectivities. Installation-wise, soundbars rock.


Soundbars come with Bluetooth compatibility and in-built smart assistants. But you can get all of this and more with speakers, too, all you need is the right kind of AV receiver. Soundbars can be connected to your TV and do not have many ports on the back. Speakers, though, come with a multitude of ports, enabling them connection-worthy with several devices and not just your TV like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, etc. In terms of connectivity and features, speakers have more than soundbars. What more did you expect from a minimalist device?


Plain and simple always steals the show. Would you rather have a set of speakers next to your wall-mounted TV? Held afloat with a wooden rack or two? Not only will this ruin your TV's look, but it also will not go with most of the modern furniture that people now have. A soundbar, however, will take a lot less space, and look great! Design-wise, soundbars are people's preference because they function as well as look good. If you are obsessed with interior and minimalism, soundbars are right for you.


Soundbars may be the latest technology, but in terms of upgrades, they do not offer much. Sure, you can buy a soundbar, but they come in their most advanced form and it is not like they are smartphones and you can upgrade their firmware – nothing where hardware is concerned either. But speakers can be upgraded. There will always be bigger, better speakers out there that you can upgrade to. But soundbars are a one-time investment that does not offer anything in terms of upgradability.

Audio Quality

Soundbars improve your TV's sound quality, but they do not cover a wide range when delivering sound. Speaker systems, however, have the right kind of hardware that delivers sound far and wide.

Soundbars are right for you if you want as little as possible furniture and prefer minimalism. If look and feel are what you want but you can also compromise on functionality and sound range, then soundbars are great. However, if you want louder, more far-spreading sound but don't care much for look and feel, then speakers are perfect for you.